Annunaki Workbench

"Place materials along with blueprints in this to create the most powerful Annunaki items."

The annunaki workbench is required to make all of the advanced items in the annunaki mod, such as:

  • Lance
  • Annunaki Compound Frozen Arrow
  • Annunaki Compound Poison Arrow
  • Annunaki Compound Fire Arrow
  • Annunaki Poison Dart
  • Annunaki Vault
  • Annunaki Forge
  • Drake Tribute
  • Boss Tribute
  • Alpha Saddles
  • Drake Saddle
  • ...

Annunaki Forge

"Refines resources in bulk. Powered by gasoline and more efficient than its larger counterpart."

Required Materials

  • 1800 Metal Ingots
  • 200 Crystal
  • 450 Cementing Paste
  • 600 Oil
  • 250 Polymer

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